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physics- question bank class XI set 2

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Question bank Set 2   

1) What is polar satellite?
2) What is Escape velocity? Derive the expression of escape velocity?
3) What is the relationship between Orbit Velocity of Satellite and Escape Velocity?
4) Derive Kepler's 3rd Law. Write down three laws of Kepler.
5) Express Newton's Law of Gravitation in Vector form.
6) Define Gravitational field. Write its expression.
7) Define Gravitational Field Intensity(Strength) and write its expression.
8) Define and derive expression for gravitational Potential Energy?
9) Define and derive expression for gravitational Potential ?
10) Derive the expression for Orbit velocity of Satellite.
11) Derive the expression of centripetal acceleration and centripetal force for rotational motion.
12) Why does a body falls towards the earth and not the reverse?
13) Derive the dimension of G (Gravitational constant). What is its value in SI?
14) The planet P is on an avg 40 times as far from the sun as the earth is. What is P's orbital period in years?
(Hint: use 3rd law of Kepler)
15) A man of 100 kg is to be put into a circular orbit at a distance of L  above the surface of earth. What is its orbital speed? Radius of earth=R and mass of earth= M. What will be orbital speed if a man of 200 kg is selected for this.
16) Calculate the average rate at which the line joining the sun to the earth is sweeping out area. The average linear speed of the earth in the orbit is 29.5 km/s and the average radius of the earth is R km.


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