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Physics Question Bank Set -3


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   1) What is conservative force? Give 2 examples.
                                                                 2) Work done in a cyclic process by spring force is zero - show this.

   3) A machine that is made to shoot tennis balls consists of a tube, a spring (k = 28 N/m) and a catch for the spring that can be released to shoot the balls. When a ball is loaded into the tube, it compresses the spring by 50 cm. If you shoot a ping pong ball straight up out of this toy, how high will it go?                    

   4) Derive the WE (Work Energy) Theorem.

   5) A block of mass 3 kg is raised vertically upwards by means of massless string through a distance of S=4 mtr with a constant acceleration 2.5 m/second square.Find the work done by Tension and Gravity. Also find the net work done on the block.

6) Two billiards balls each of mass 0.05 kg moving in opposite directions with speed 9 m/s collide and rebound with the same speed.What is the impulse imparted to each ball due to the other?


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